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With supporting youtube thumbnail downloader extension.

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YouTube Thumbnail Download - HD Thumbnail Downloader

Youtube Thumbnail Download is a free online tool that let you download thumbnails in 5 different qualities. i.e Full HD (1280x720), Standard (640×480), Medium (480×360), Normal (340×180), Small (120×90).

Use this free automated tool Youtube Thumbnail Downloader for a quick preview of any youtube thumbnail in different sizes and download it on your devices for future uses. It is free to use for everyone and no need to install any app for the services.

What is a thumbnail?

Thumbnail is a reduced size of images or videos. It is a separate copy of the original image. Thumbnail is produced on a web page by client-side scripting so that browser can auto shrink the image rather than using a smaller copy of the original image. So, using a thumbnail on a web page reduces the bandwidth and downtime of the web page.

People judge images and the entire content of the video by just analyzing the thumbnail. In this modern visual age, a thumbnail plays a first impression that can give either a good or bad impact on the content. If the viewers are interested, they like to click on the thumbnail to expand the image and see the full picture.

Thumbnails make pages easily viewable and allow viewers to have control over the content and what they want to see exactly. A great thumbnail makes a creator's content stand out and trends huge user interest to watch more.

What YouTube Thumbnail Size is available?

For your kind information, YouTube thumbnails are available in up to nine different sizes out of which our thumbnail downloader provides five different sizes, and its dimensions are represented as,

Besides this, youtube generates 4 extra sizes of thumbnails from the video.

In practice, High Quality, Standard Definition, and Maximum Resolution are the most commonly used feature. But our YouTube thumbnail downloader provides 2 extra sizes to make thumbnail download more easy and fast.

Well, you can view and download any size of youtube thumbnail image by just getting a unique ID which is included in the video link. If you want to download youtube thumbnail of other sizes, I will tell you later how you can get them.

How do I get a YouTube thumbnail URL?

Well copying the YouTube video link is very simple. It depends on which devices you are playing youtube videos.

For PC :

  1. Right-click on any video thumbnail or title, popups menu will display where you can find the "copy link address" just Click it, and the video link will get copied on your clipboard. or,
  2. Copy video URL directly from the address bar in the browser while playing a youtube video. or,
  3. You can even go through the share option to get a video link copy on your clipboard.

For Mobile App :

If you are on the mobile app, just play the video and click on the share option where you will find Copy to Clipboard. Just click it to copy the video link. The main purpose of copying the video link is to get a unique video ID for youtube thumbnail download.

What is a valid YouTube video URL?

Each video on YouTube is referred to by URL which has a unique video ID. Let's see an example of a valid youtube video URL,

All the above URLs are of the same video but in different formats and all are valid URLs. In the above example, Video ID is BlGwuM_S2SQ

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader supports the download feature even for the Shorts video. This is a very interesting thing for a shorts Creator as our service equally means for every user.

Youtube thumbnail download tools won't work if you enter the wrong video link so, ensure it before you download youtube thumbnail.

How to use YouTube Thumbnail Downloader ?

It's very easy to grab youtube thumbnail using our Thumbnail downloader tools. Downloading a youtube thumbnail is a really very simple process. Thumbnail downloader tool makes this thing easy and quick. You just need to follow these simple steps,

  1. Copy ✂️ and Paste 📋 YouTube video link to the search box above.
  2. Thumbnail downlaoder will automatically grab thumbnail in five different sizes.
  3. Choose a required size and click Download Thumbnail button to save it to your devices. We recommend our users to download HD thumbnail as it provides the best quality.

What is the best size for YouTube Thumbnails?

YouTube recommends custom thumbnail in maximum resolution as mentioned below,

 Thumbnail should have a resolution of 1280x720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).

How to view YouTube Thumbnail images?

While on YouTube, thumbnail are seen on the front page including the title and a meta description. But if you try to click a thumbnail, Youtube starts playing video. So it becomes difficult for a user to get youtube thumbnail.

But now it became so easy, that our thumbnail downloader tool not only download youtube thumbnail but also allows a quick preview of a thumbnail in a different size.

  1. Just Copy ✂️ and Paste 📋 YouTube video link to the search box above
  2. Thumbnail downloader presents images in different sizes automatically in a separate box.
  3. Click on the  Eye button at the top right corner to quickly view thumbnail in the next tab.

Who uses YouTube Thumbnail Grabber?

Most programmer and designer uses thumbnail for their project. Nowadays, Youtuber uses this tool to download Youtube thumbnail for customizing their own video. It gives the user better and more attractive looks.

In general, thumbnail can be used for the various purpose,

As we know YouTube video thumbnail are one most important metadata of video from the SEO point of view. So creating a catchy and attractive thumbnail design matters.

How to get a YouTube thumbnail of all sizes?

As we mentioned above a video can have up to 9 different sizes of thumbnail. Out of which YouTube thumbnail download already provide the functionality of 5 thumbnail size. But what if you require other sizes, Is it possible to download other sizes of thumbnail?

Of Course, yes I will tell you how to get all the thumbnail beside our list. Before starting you have to understand video ID, exactly you might have good practice to detect video ID correctly?

Youtube video ID is a unique ID that leads to every single video uploaded on youtube. And every video is specified by a unique ID. Whether you embed or share a video, ID plays an important role to locate a particular video. So, just follow the video links here you will get a video ID.

In the above video link, the special character BlGwuM_S2SQ is the video ID. So, just replace the VIDEO-ID in with this special character to download youtube thumbnail of your choice.

Besides this, youtube generates 4 extra sizes of thumbnails from the video.

Yes, there are many youtube thumbnail downloader apk available on the Google Play store. You can use any app as a youtube thumbnail grabber for android. With a few clicks and simple steps, you can get a youtube thumbnail image of your choice.

Feature of YouTube Thumbnail Download Tool

Thumbnail downloader has a pretty cool feature for youtube creators. It has an easy interface and multi-functionality built-in feature as below,

Preview Youtube thumbnail easily

YouTube thumbnail downloader grabs image automatically and present them in the different sizes in a different box immediately and let you preview the thumbnail quickly just by pasting the video link.

Download thumbnail in a Single Click

YouTube Thumbnail downloader has a built-in feature added Download Thumbnail button to save video thumbnails on your devices quickly. No need to manually right-click and save as a process. It skips these lengthy steps and allows to download thumbnail with a single click.

Download Shorts Video Thumbnail

As we all know, Shorts are a newly launched feature recently added by youtube in its platform. So none of the other tools can download short video thumbnail. But our YouTube thumbnail downloader can easily download shorts thumbnail also i.e quite useful for shorts creators.

YouTube thumbnail Downloader Extension

Our thumbnail Downloader also features an extension for both chrome and firefox to download thumbnail more quickly. If you are using a web browser, we mostly recommend using our Youtube thumbnail downloader extension. As it directly refers you to our tools and auto fetch thumbnail without manually visiting our site. It will save you more time and get your work done quickly.

Supports all your favorite Platform

The YouTube thumbnail is a free web application tool with an easy user interface and is responsive to every device. So, use our services to view & download youtube thumbnail as it supports all your favorite devices like Window, Linux OS, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.

FAQ for YouTube Thumbnaiil Downloader

Is there any Youtube thumbnail downloader apk Available?

Yes, there are many youtube thumbnail downloader apk available on playstore. You can use any app as youtube thumbnail grabber for android. With a few click and simple steps you can get youtube thumbnail image of your choice.

Is there any Youtube Thumbnail Downloader Extension Available for Browser?

Yes, we have provided a youtube thumbnail downloader extension for a web browser for both chrome and firefox. This extension allows you to view and download video thumbnails directly from the youtube page. No need to manually visit our thumbnail downloader, the extension will directly refer you to grab the thumbnail.

Is it legal to download YouTube thumbnails?

Of course, it's 100% legal you can download any youtube video thumbnail but make sure the thumbnail and any video are copyrighted material. So, either you can own that thumbnail or get the author's permission to reuse it for your task.

Is there any Copyright risk in downloading YouTube Thumbnails?

As I told you before, all the thumbnail and videos belong to the respective author and they hold the copyright. So, downloading youtube thumbnail without permission might be risky. They can claim on you anytime especially if you upload on youtube.

But if you are cross-posting on a blog or other social media, then you will hardly get DMCA complaints. So, I mainly suggest analyzing the content and design in your own way rather than copying the other stuff. It will be better and risk-free.

Is it Safe to use this YouTube thumbnail downloader service?

The safety of all users is our main priority, the entire traffic came to this website is filtered via SSL encryption which is highly protected. It blocks the access of third parties to unusual activities and attacks. The actual youtube thumbnail downloader process runs directly via an encrypted secure connection to the YouTube server. So, feel free to use our service youtube thumbnail download tool. Your data is protected with this secure network protocol.

Well, YouTube thumbnail downloader has its client-side thumbnail download script which is performed through an encrypted secure connection to the YouTube Server. So no need to worry anymore about privacy concerns.

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